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Four Reasons Why Teachers Love Teaching

This guest post was thoughtfully written by Erica Francis at Readyjob, who collected thoughts from teachers about why they love to teach. It was great to be included in her roundup!


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By and large, today’s educators are underpaid and under appreciated. It’s no wonder, then, that the number of young people choosing teaching for their career is the lowest it has been in decades.


At ReadyJob, we know that few jobs are as life-changing, demanding, or important as teaching. We also know that now more than ever we need great educators teaching in our schools each day. That’s why we wanted to hear from educators themselves about why and how they accept the challenges that come with their jobs day in and day out. In a recent survey, we asked a group of educators what they find most rewarding about their profession. The full roundup post can be found here and below are a few highlights showing why teachers love what they do:


Teachers help their students tap into their potential. Teachers play a vital role in shaping how their students see themselves. Teachers show students they can succeed even when they think they can’t. Think back to your own childhood, chances are you can name a few moments when you were struggling with a concept and a teacher encouraged you, helped you, and eventually led you down the path to understanding.


It’s a rewarding experience for students, but as Roseanne Cheng of notes it pays off for teachers as well. “Getting to know young people and helping them see the potential within themselves,” says Cheng. “There is no price tag for that feeling!”


Teachers influence their students’ futures. These days we often hear that teachers must teach to an end-of-year test. And while that is sometimes the case, it doesn’t eliminate a teacher’s ability to shape their students’ futures in a more long-term way. After all, you never know when a lesson might inspire a student to take a certain career path, pursue college, or concentrate on a certain area of study. For Doc Meek of, the big impact teachers have on students’ lives is very rewarding. He notes that “the potential of helping students thrive long-term” is one his favorite aspects of teaching.


Teachers learn from their students. Students go to school to learn, but they’re not the only ones getting an education. Many teachers feel they learn just as much from their students as their students learn from them.


“If you feel passionate about teaching, this profession will bring you many rewards,” says Luis Porras Wadley of “Teaching is one of the professions in which the human aspect becomes most important. You get to know many interesting people, whether it be kids, teenagers or adults, and each of them will provide you with memories and experiences which you will never forget.”


Teachers help their students build character. Teachers are responsible for making sure their students are proficient in a given subject or subjects. But while teaching everything from why volcanoes erupt to what symbolism Mark Twain uses in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, teachers show their students what it means to be a good person, to be someone with strong character, to care about others and have heart. These are, of course, invaluable lessons that no child ever forgets. Mike Stutman of notes that it’s a big reason why he loves teaching. He teaches because he loves “making an impact on a child as a whole person – on their character – in addition to the impact on them as a student.”
Teaching is tough. There’s no doubt about it. But there are also many rewarding aspects of teaching. If you’re considering education as a profession, the factors listed above are great reasons to take up the calling.

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