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October is going to be crazy. CRAZY! But exciting, too.  Did I mention I’m printing a new book?  As we speak?? AHHHH!!


Here’s a list of upcoming events.  If you’re around the Twin Cities, come and nerd out with me!

Oct 1:  The Author Next Door, Edina Community Center

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 12.32.33 PM

This is going to be a panel discussion hosted by my wonderful publishers at Wise Ink. If you’re a writer, know a writer, or even have a great idea you want to see made into a book, this will be lots of fun.

Oct 2:  Minnesota ITEM Conference, St. Cloud

This is a wonderful event for school media specialists across the state.  Lots of networking, lots of learning, and I will be there along with many other local authors talking about– what else– all things books and education.

Oct 15-16:  Education MN Conference, St. Paul

I can’t believe that I’ve never participated in MEA before as a teacher, and this year I’ll be participating with Wise Ink as an author.  I’m hoping to connect with more teachers and talk about internet responsibility in the classroom.

Oct. 17: Twin Cities Book Festival, St. Paul

It is going to be so exciting to participate in the Twin Cities Book Festival this year!  These events used to intimidate me horribly, but now I’m looking forward to sharing space with my fellow writers and coming home with loads of books to read and review.

Edge the Bare Garden, The Indie Journey, The Take Back of Lincoln Junior High

Book 2. Gulp.

So I’m publishing another book.  My goal is to have it available for purchase by October 1.  Can you handle that? I cannot.  Here is a super sneak peek at the cover:


Over the last month or so I’ve been letting people know that this is my plan.  “WHAT?” they invariably answer, particularly those who saw the long, painstaking process I went through to publish The Take Back of Lincoln Junior High.  Everything- EVERYTHING- about this process is different from the first.  Here is a play-by-play of the how and why:

1.  I figured how how I, Roseanne Cheng, sell books best

I’ve talked to a lot of writers in the last few years who have been totally intimidated with the thought of marketing their own work. THEY SHOULD BE. Marketing your own books is about as fun as a series of root canals. But I’ve learned SO much from the process of the first, and the most important for me is that I sell the most books, and most comfortably, when I’m face-to-face with my audience. This is not to say that some authors don’t have major success with a few well-timed Facebook and Twitter posts.  That’s just not what worked for me, or what I’m willing to do.  So I’m focusing (and broadening) what did work the last time, which is getting out into the community and selling directly.

2.  I embraced the direct sale

Before publishing the first book, I saw an Amazon presence as the be-all-end-all of authorship.  For me, this was not the case.  At all.  My Amazon sales have been a fraction of my direct sales.  I’ll still have a presence on Amazon for this book, but for the most part I’m going to be pushing direct sales from my website (link on the top of the page).  That way I can keep contact information for my readers and sign books before shipping them off.

3.  I focused on (and continue to focus on) the bigger picture

I have never had the one-and-done mentality when it comes to books.  I am a writer and want to write.  As in, continuously. To that end, that means I must continue to publish books.  Even when I still have inventory on the first.  Even though I still haven’t gotten the Oprah bump.  Even when it’s really very scary and daunting.  Believe me when I say it is positively terrifying to think that as vulnerable as I made myself with the first book, I’m going to double (maybe triple) that with the second.  But hey– what’s life without risk?  Boring, if you ask me.

4.  I did it my way

The best part about publishing book 2 has been the freedom I’ve had in the creative process.  I had that same freedom with the first I suppose, but I was such a fish out of water when it came to publishing that I allowed other people to control how the publication went down. In some ways this was great, but in others it wasn’t.  So I kept the things that worked last time, and didn’t keep the things that didn’t work.  It simplified the process greatly.

***In an effort to build my email correspondence list, I’m hosting a giveaway of The Take Back of Lincoln Junior High. Please download a free copy, read, review, and enjoy!***