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Welcome!  My name is Roseanne Cheng and I’m a teacher.  I’m also a writer.  And an avid reader.  Oh, and let’s not forget my most important job—I’m a mother to these two adorable stinkers:

I’ve spent seven years in high school classrooms around the world, from California to China to Minnesota, all the while trying to get my high school kids to love Shakespeare the way that I do.

When I made the choice to stay home with my kiddos and be a full-time Mom, I couldn’t put my books and lesson planning away.  In fact, the time to read and plan curriculum (at all hours of the night—my kids don’t sleep) inspired me to make my life-long dream of publishing a novel actually happen.

And I realized, as I was outlining and brainstorming and drafting, that I wasn’t just writing for entertainment.  I was writing as a teacher, one who might be a little sick of vampires and werewolves, a teacher who thinks her students can be pushed a little harder when it comes to vocabulary and a little less when it comes to sexual content.  And most importantly as a mother, who wants to inspire other parents to read with their kids and have a springboard for meaningful discussion.

But even when The Take Back of Lincoln Junior High was finished, I knew it wasn’t complete.  I knew that as a teacher I could do more.  So I created a teaching guide in the back.  Not just a list of questions; not just a compilation of vocabulary.  A chapter-by-chapter teaching guide, organized by Common Core Standards.  Essential questions, activity ideas, and journal prompts, to make a teacher’s life easier.

Literature for teens can be fun and challenging.   I am committed to creating novels that help facilitate meaningful discussion and worthwhile activities in the classroom and outside of it.
Literature that is organized.  Accessible.  Purposeful.  Teachable.
Welcome to Teachable Lit.

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My girl after my own heart.
My girl after my own heart.